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Pallavi Sharma - ‘the brains under the bun’

Currently a mighty team of one, Sketchy Bun is the brainchild of this passionate freelancing Communication Designer hustling in Mumbai.
An aspiring ‘to-be expert’ in Brand & Visual Design with a great knack for observational learning who believes that every good brand has a story to tell which can be communicated simply through a great design.

Areas of expertise: Logo design, Brand idendity, Illustrations.

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Thanks to Pallavi's unparalleled cooperation and involvement towards the process - we were able to come up with the most relevant and spot on branding.
My favorite part of working with her was her commitment towards her deadlines and her deep involvement in the brand. She worked on it as if it were her own and had some really reasonable suggestions through the process. Thankyou SketchyBun!

~ Yash
Co-founder at Basti Hostel

Sketchy bun has an amalgamation of creativity & pragmatism. Everything they’ve delivered aligns perfectly with our specifications. The best part is that they value their clients very dearly and treats any assignent like their own. Personally, I’ve never felt as if we were being shoehorned into something because it would be easier for them. Pallavi, founder herself is very hands-on and creative & has been responsible for bringing Locomo to life in the most creative way possible.

~ Aalok
Co-founder at Locomo Hospitality

Working with Pallavi was an amazing experience. I loved how accurate and detail-oriented she is,which helped us conceptualise our brand and logo idea much deeper. Not only did she understood our needs, but also gave us useful and creative suggestions to come up with the most fitting result. Sketchy Bun is creative, passionate and hard working! I definetely recommend it!

~ Alessia
Co-founder at Fund My Trip

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